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Quality Comes First

Learn from academic and industry experts. THTI campus houses high quality facilities to enhance your learning experience:


  • Production and training kitchen

  • Student Cafeteria

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Information Resource Centre

  • Wine Tastings

  • Student Chef Dinners

  • Dine in Restaurant & Bar

  • Golf Tournament & much more

Short Courses

Continuing Education & Professional Development

THTI is pleased to offer options for continuing your education. Our short courses are ideal if you want to further develop your skills or try out an area of interest before you decide to enroll in a degree programme. Learn French, Spanish, event management, Mediterranean cooking, pastry making and so much more.

Next Session: July 27, 2024
Price: TT$795.00
Next Session: August 5, 2024
Price: TT$2,200.00
Price: TT$495.00

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*Direct bank deposit / Cash payment options available.

Associate Degree Programmes

Choose from our ACTT Accredited and GATE Funded degree programmes

Gain knowledge and skills in areas such as product development, management, research and marketing for the Tourism industry.
Gain the skills to operate and manage a restaurant, bar or related establishment. Learn everything from menu development to managing finances. 
Gain skills to enter the workforce in leadership roles in areas such as, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, airlines and many more.
Deepen your love for cooking. Learn about food technology, management and gain skills to be successful in a commercial kitchen. 

PATH THTI Programme

The courses in the PATH THTI Programme are designed to equip students who do not meet the minimum CXC passes with the necessary knowledge and competencies to continue studies.

Internships & Pathway Programmes

Local and International Opportunities for Internships and Further Education