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Our Students Are Important To Us

The Student Services Department ensures all students’ needs are met during their stay at THTI. Whether it’s for general information or friendly advice, we make sure there is always someone available to talk with you.

THTI has taken measures to support the staff, Faculty and Students in response to the closure of the Campus due to Covid-19. Get more information here

The Institute has acquired the services of a General Practitioner who provides emergency medical services. The General Practitioner will provide physical medical examinations for all Food and Beverage and Culinary Arts students for the issuance of their food badges as well as give topical medical seminars on occasions. Officials of the Department of Health and the Tobago House of Assembly, provide support for the acquisition of food badges. The Student Services Department will make the necessary arrangements for the acquisition of food badges.

The Institute does not provide dormitory facilities, but the Student Services Department can offer advice on matters relating to your accommodation.

THTI provides a shuttle service to and from Scarborough and the Institute. Stipulated pick up and drop off points and times are listed on the Shuttle Schedule. This schedule can be collected at the Student Services Department at the beginning of every semester.

THTI provides personalized counseling through the Student Services Department. This service is designed to assist students in their personal growth process and to provide coping techniques in order to help them achieve a balanced and wholesome life- style. The counseling services offered include: personal, academic and/or career guidance counseling. Students are welcome to access this service and are assured that all matters are dealt with in confidence. This service can be accessed by appointment through the Coordinator – Student Life.

Prior to registering for new courses, students must first seek clearance by consulting with their respective Academic Advisors during the pre‐registration period.

The registration is only completed when Institutional fees are paid.

Students must register for classes according to instructions and deadline dates contained in the Academic Calendar.

Students may register for classes up to two (2) weeks after the start of the semester however admission will be based on the availability of spaces and only in exceptional circumstances will registration be permitted after the end of the registration period.

Students who register late for a course must accept primary responsibility for covering any material they may have missed.

Graduates of THTI and students who withdraw from the Institute in good academic and financial standing, for one academic year, and who apply for re-admission to the previous programme or a new programme of study are eligible to be considered for re-admission. Persons seeking re-admittance must complete the Institute’s re-admission form for review and consideration, and pay the relevant re-admission fee.

Students must obtain the approval of their academic advisor in order to add or drop a course.

The add/drop period begins each semester immediately following the last day of pre-registration and extends through the first two weeks of the next semester.

After the add/drop period ends, students can no longer drop courses, but may be able to “withdraw” from a course by providing the necessary paperwork and obtaining the Registrar’s consent.

Matriculated students must submit an Add/Drop Form to Student Services to make any changes. The Form must be signed by the lecturer for the respective course(s). Dropping of a course(s) can take place up to the end of the second week of the semester.

The Add/ Drop form is to be used for dropping any course they are enrolled in for the semester.

A withdrawal is, in one instance, when a matriculated student officially removes himself/herself from the Institute. Non-attendance does NOT constitute an official withdrawal from the Institute; this is not to be confused with dropping a course.

To officially withdraw, a student must complete a Withdrawal form and submit it within the first two (2) weeks of the semester. The student will then be entitled to receive a refund, less 10% of the tuition fee. If a withdrawal request is placed after the second week, there will be no refund. Please be advised that the refund of tuition fees is applicable to non-GATE and non-scholarship students only.

The Withdrawal/ Leave of Absence form is to be used for withdrawing from all the courses the student is enrolled in for the current semester.

The Registrar’s Office, on written authorization by the student, will issue a transcript of a student’s academic record to any named recipient. The cost of a transcript is $60.00 however there are other fees that may be applicable from time to time depending on the final destination of the document.

Requests for transcripts should be made at least three weeks in advance of the date on which the Institute must send it. A transcript will not be issued if the student owes money to the Institute. A Student may request a Transcript within 24-48 hours. In such cases additional charges will be incurred.

The Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Institute as part of its service to our students is able to offer all enrolled and past students an e-mail address for life. Our Emails are powered by G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) and each student can get access to an e-mail address.

These services offer the following G Suite i.e. Email, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Drawing, Classroom, Slides, Sites, Google+ as well as Drive with Unlimited Storage.

THTI G Suite for Education Login –

To learn more about this service please click here and contact the Students Services or Campus IT Department for more details.

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