THTI offers interested students several options to meet the requirements for enrolling into any of our Associate Degree Programmes. Review the list below which ONE best describes your current qualifications:


Caribbean Examinations Council CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) at General or Technical Proficiency:

    • Five (5) subjects (English and Mathematics are compulsory) at Grades I, II and Ill* 


    • Four (4) subjects (English and Mathematics are compulsory) at Grades I, II and Ill*, and at least one (1) year’s work experience in the Hospitality Industry

*Grade III will require a placement test for the subject. 

General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCE) Ordinary Level:

  • Five (5) subjects (English and Mathematics are compulsory) at Grades A, B, and C 


  • Four (4) subjects (English and Mathematics are compulsory) at Grades A, B, and C, and at least one (1) year’s work experience in the Hospitality Industry.

Diploma or equivalent qualification providing evidence of successful completion of secondary level courses for international students.

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Financial Assistance

  • The GATE Programme (Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses) provides financial assistance to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who are pursuing approved programmes at public and private tertiary level institutions (local and regional). The GATE Programme is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • All the rules regarding student eligibility for GATE funding is available on the Ministry of Education’s website. All applications for GATE funding will include a mandatory means test based on household income. Failure to complete the means test will disqualify the application from being considered for GATE funding.
  • To apply for GATE funding, students are advised to start the process by completing the GATE eService ID registration process via the ttconnect website. You can also visit a ttconnect Service Centre or call them toll-free at 800-TTCN(8826).
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the GATE eService process can be accessed via GATE eService.
  • With effect from August 2020, funding under the GATE Programme will be provided for only one (1) undergraduate level programme (certificate, diploma, associate degree or bachelor’s degree).
  • THTI is a GATE approved institution. Currently, up to $4,500 of the total tuition fees for the 2-year Associate Degree Programme is GATE eligible. The student will have to pay the balance of the tuition fees along with all annual student administrative fees.
  • THTI’s current tuition fees are being reviewed by the Ministry of Education’s GATE programme. All enrolled students will be informed if the level tuition fees eligible for GATE will change before the start of the academic year.
  • All our Associate Degree Programmes are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT). To find out more information about accreditation status, please visit


  • The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) provides financial assistance for residents of Tobago who experience difficulty covering costs associated with tertiary studies through the Department of Advanced Training and Advisory Services (DATAS).
  • The Financial Assistance Studies Programme (FASP) is a government initiative designed to assist students in the pursuit of a post-secondary qualification or first undergraduate qualification. The assistance is given in the form of a grant and acts as a supplementary fund to which applying does not guarantee funding. 
  • The Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) is available to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago under 50 years of age who have been accepted and are enrolled in a tertiary level programme within CARICOM. The loan covers expenses such as tuition, accommodation, books, etc.
  • THTI Scholarship Programme: All THTI students that are genuine and passionate about pursuing studies in Culinary Arts, Tourism and Hospitality to apply are invited to apply for our scholarship programme which covers a full-time enrolled student’s annual fee and meals for the academic year.

Dates & Deadlines

Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute has a rolling enrollment for all of its programmes. Please contact us directly regarding dates and deadlines for the specific program you are interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hello, THTI is an accredited tertiary education institution that offers Associate Degree Programmes and Short Courses in Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Operations. Our campus is located in Tobago. You can view more details at

Hello, thank you for your interest. THTI offers several short courses, including online courses, in Hospitality & Tourism, you can view options and apply online on our website at

Hello, you can view the cost of our Associate Degree Programmes and Short Courses on our website, or

Hello, proof of payment for short courses must be submitted to THTI prior to start of the course. We recommend you make payment at least 3 business days before the course start date. If you have any questions you can contact us at 868-477-8910 or email

Thank you for your interest. We are currently enrolling students for the Associate Degree Programmes for the September 2022 intake. You can get more information and apply online on our website at recommend you apply as soon possible. Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis.


Five (5) subjects (English and Mathematics are compulsory) at Grade I, II and III* .

Four (4) subjects (English and Mathematics are compulsory) at Grades I, II and III*, and at least one (1) year of work experience in the Hospitality industry.

*Grade III will require a placement test for the subject. 

We also offer the Path Program which is completed in one semester for person with four or less CXC after this you will qualify to enter the Associate Degree Program. For entry into this program you have to at least 18 before the date of application and pass a basic Math & English evaluation test. Courses include fundamental Maths and English.

If you do not have all the required CXC subjects, you can apply for our PATH Programme which can be completed in one semester and after which you can apply for the Associate Degree programme. You can get more information from the link,
Please Note: Classes will be offered online for all theoretical courses. Practical courses will resume once campus reopens as directed by the government’s Covid-19 guidelines.

The difference between Full Time and Part Time status is the number of credits that a student can pursue in a particular semester and NOT the time of day the classes are held. Classes are conducted according to the class schedules set for the courses.


Yes, we have integrated a platform to allow for online registration and payments.

It is the institute decision if they accept you or not. If you are already a student registering for a new semester you chance are higher than a new student who miss the registration deadline.

Hello, kindly send all inquiries to and we will respond to you at the earliest opportunity. Our campus office is currently closed in line with government health guidelines. You can contact us via email at or call 868-303-5153. Thank you for your interest.


GATE covers all 4 Associate Degree Programs.

THTI Associate Degree Programmes are GATE eligible for students who qualify for GATE funding. Currently, up to $4,500 of the tuition fees for the 2-year Associate Degree Programme is GATE eligible. Our new tuition fees are being reviewed by the Ministry of Education’s GATE programme, we will be able to inform applicants how much of their tuition is GATE eligible before the academic year starts in September 2021.

At this time $4,500 of the full tuition fees are eligible for GATE funding, the student will have to pay the balance of the tuition fees. All applicants will be informed prior to enrollment in September 2021 whether the level of GATE funding has been increased.


Yes we do! Please contact us any of the following:

Apply directly on our website at Submit the following documents via email to – Name of Programme you were pursuing at TTHTI, Transcripts or List of Courses completed so far.

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ACTT Accredited

Awarded Institutional Accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago. 


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  4. Choose a payment option.

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We offer flexible options to make paying course fees easy for you!

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