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We offer several short courses and modules to make it easy for you to sharpen your skills, maintain your professional development or pursue a passion.

Introduction to Birding

Price: $1,550.00

Duration: Feb 3 – Mar 26  |  8 Weeks

Days and Time:  Mon & Thur  |  5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Monday 3 Feb, 2020


Bartending & Mixology

Price: $1,550.00

Duration: Apr 27 – Jun 29  |  10 Sessions

Days and Time:  Mondays  |  5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Monday 27 April, 2020




Introduction to Makeup Artistry

Price: $1,550.00 (materials included)

Duration: Feb 29 – Apr 4 |  6 Sessions

Days and Time: Saturdays  | 10am – 1pm

Next Session Date: Saturday 8 February 2020

The 30-Minute Meal Expert

Price: $1,350.00 (includes all ingredients)

Duration: Mar 5 – Apr 9 | 18 hrs

Days and Time: Thurs | 5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Thursday 5 March, 2020

Learn how to prepare balanced and delicious dishes.  Master the techniques of quick convenient and cost effective meal preparation.

Topics includes:

  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Pan seared fish bake jacket potato
  • Chicken Shrimp & Sausage Fried Rice
  • Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo
  • Sauces & Vinaigrette
  • Chicken Caesar  Salad
  • Stir fried beef Low Mein
  • Crunchy chicken salad and pita pockets
  • Bread salsa chicken, garlic potato and beans
  • Pizza (beef, ham & pineapple)
  • And much more.


Tour Guiding

Price: $1,550.00

Duration: Feb 10 – Apr 6 | 15 Sessions

Days and Time: Mon & Thur | 5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Monday 10 February 2020


Housekeeping Skills

Price: $1,350.00

Duration: Apr 27 – May 26 | 10 Sessions

Days and Time: Mon & Tue | 5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Monday 27 April, 2020

This hands-on course offers all the basic housekeeping skills and knowledge needed to start working as a housekeeping professional in any hotel, guest house or private dwelling. Participants will learn all the essentials of housekeeping, from roles, responsibilities of room attendants and handling laundry to understanding cleaning products and room preparation procedures.
Who is this course for?
  • Housekeeping workers/job seekers 
  • Career development in housekeeping
  • Anyone interested expanding knowledge and skills in housekeeping
No prior knowledge required for this course.
* Class Assessment: Theory & Practical

* Certificate of Proficiency 

Baking and Pastry Collage

Baking and Pastry Series

Price: $1,650.00 per course

Duration: Mar 2 – Sep 1 |5 weeks (30 hours) per course

Days and Time:  Mon & Tue | 5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Monday 2 March, 2020

Special Offer:

Register for 2 or more courses and receive special discount of 10%. Complete all 5 courses in the series get 15% discount.

Who should take this course?

If you are interested in learning how to bake or improve your baking skills to kick-start your own business or work in the industry as a Pastry Chef this Baking and Pastry Collection offers the option of any combination of individual courses or the completion of ALL 5 courses over 6 months.  Each will run for five weeks two days per week (30 hours per module)


1.Bread Making (March-April):  Lean, rich and artisan, costing conversion and equipment identification.

2.Cake Making (April-May): Cream and foam cakes, decorating cakes, different types of icings and fillings.

3.Pastries & Tarts (May-June): Laminated process, mealy and flaky pastries and terminologies.

4.Cookies/Pate choux/quick bread (June-July): Cookies makeup methods, muffins, loaf bread and pate choux piping designs.

5.Custard/puddings/churn and frozen dessert (August-September): Range top puddings, baked custards, methods of making mousses, still and frozen desserts.


  • Complete modules/courses of choice and receive a Certificate of Proficiency.
  • Complete ALL 5 modules/courses and receive a Certificate of Achievement in Baking and Pastry.


All students are required to participate in class assessment to be awarded a certificate.

Tools & Equipment:

A list of basic tools/equipment which participants need to purchase for their own use will be provided.


Participants are required to wear black pants/skirts, white T-shirt, chef’s hat, aprons as well as whole shoes.


Local Indian Cuisine

Price: $1,550.00 (all ingredients included)

Duration: Apr 30-Jun 18 | 21 hrs

Days and Time: Thurs | 5pm-8pm

Next Session Date: Thursday 30 April, 2020

Learn how to prepare and create Indian dishes, this course teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to be able to prepare a variety of dishes.

Topics include:

  •  Roti Making, Buss up Shut, Sada Roti
  • Side dishes (curried meats, bodi, pumpkin, channa, curried mango)
  • Doubles, Phoulorie and assorted condiments
  • Assorted Sweets
  • And much more….


Conversational French for Tourism & Hospitality (Beginners)

Price: $1,800.00

Duration: TBA

Days and Time: Tuesdays | 5pm-7pm

Next Session Date: Coming Soon in February

Upcoming Short Courses

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