International Students

Non-Citizens and non-Residents of Trinidad and Tobago wishing to engage in studies at THTI require Student Permits.

All applications and supporting documents for student permits must be submitted to the Immigration Division of the Ministry of National Security of Trinidad & Tobago. For more information, please visit

CARICOM students are given 6 months to obtain their student permit.

Non CARICOM students are given 3 months to obtain their student permit.

Documents Required to Apply for a Student Permit

Student Permit Application

Copy of the bio-data page of applicant’s passport

Letter of Acceptance from the School

Receipt of Payment of tuition fees

Letter of responsibility and/or financial support from host (If staying with a relative or friend)

Copy of Bio Data page of passport of applicant

Receipt of payment of tuition fees.

Valid Return Ticket or Security Bond/Landing Deposit

Interview/Information Sheet

Approval from Ministry of Education

Evidence of funds/financial support

Medical examination forms P&I 40 and P&I40A (For students remaining in Trinidad and Tobago for more than one (1) year. This may be deferred until one (1) year is complete.)

Fees & Payment

The following fees must be paid to the Trinidad & Tobago Immigration Department:


  1. Application Fees: (When you submit your Application)

  • Caricom Nationals – $100.00 TT

  • Non-Caricom Nationals – $200.00 TT


  1. Endorsement of Student Permit Fee: (When the permit is granted)

  • Caricom Nationals – $ 50.00 TT

  • Non-Caricom Nationals – $100.00 TT

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