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Hotel & Accommodation Operations (I)

This Course focuses on giving students the knowledge, skills and attitudes critical to the successful operation of the Housekeeping Department. It gives students an overview of the hotel and examines the interpersonal skills and technical procedures required for providing exceptional guest service. 
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Hotel & Accommodation Operations (I)
Next Session: June 10, 2024
Class Structure: Face-to-Face & Online| Day: Tuesday and Thursday| Time:5pm-8pm| Date: 10h June,2024 -2nd August,2024|
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What You Will Gain:

  • Assess the role and importance of the Rooms Division function within the Hospitality Industry
  • Practical knowledge of the inter-relations of various hotel departments.
  • Knowledge and skills applicable to the Front Office and Housekeeping

Course Description:

Focus will be given on all aspects of the relationship between the rooms division and other departments within a lodging operation. A variety of vacation facility alternatives will also be examined.
Upon successful completion, the learner will:
  1. Describe the procedures and equipment used by the Front Office/Accommodation Departments
  2. Apply basic terminology and concepts related to Front Office/ Accommodation operations
  3. Describe the function of all the departments in a hotel and the role of the Housekeeping in their coordination
  4. Demonstrate the procedures applicable to the guest cycle from reservations to departure
  5. Describe and differentiate types of lodging
  6. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the support departments in the accommodation sector
  7. Explain the various areas of housekeeping and describe areas of housekeeping and describe their purpose in the lodging establishment 
  8. Apply and demonstrate operational techniques for the housekeeping department
  9. Formulate a staffing plan for a housekeeping department 
  10. Describe the interdependence and cooperation between housekeeping and major departments on the lodging establishment
  11. Identify and explain strategies and procedures utilized in security in a lodging establishment 
  12. Explain procedures relative to rooms division
  13. Explain the relationship of the engineering department of the housekeeping department 
  14. Differentiate between each category of vacation facility alternative
Session  Topic & Lesson Content Specific Learning Targets/ Objectives Methods of Instructions
1 Introduction and Orientation  Hotel Classification
  • Introduction  and Orientation 
  • Different types of hotels accommodation 
  • The various types of services available in hotel
  • Methods of classifying accommodation
  • Vacation facility alternatives 
  • Lecture
  • Video 
  • Research 
  • Class discussions
  • Portfolio Piece 
2 Hotel Organization  
  • The function of Organizational charts – Create an Organizational chart
  • Terminology – “back and front of house”
  • Work routines and shifts in Rooms Division 
  • Lecture
  • Student Research – Night Auditor
  • Create an org chart 
  • Class discussions
  • Portfolio Piece
3 Front Office Systems Past and Present  
  • The stages of the guest cycle 
  • Various front office systems of Operation
  • Use of computer applications in the rooms division  
  • Lecture
  • Video
  • Research Activity
  • Class discussions
  • Demonstration of computer applications 
  • Portfolio Piece
4 The Reservation, Registration and Check in Procedure 1
  • Types of reservation – 2 types of reservation
  • Reservation records – How to maintain individual and group reservation
  • Upselling techniques
  • Special guest request and describe how they can be filled 
  • Guided discussions 
  • Lecture
  • Create a reservation record
  • Post reservations to conventional chart 
  • Activity – Group booking with    individual guest requests
  • Portfolio Piece
5 The Reservation, Registration and Check in Procedure 2
  • Registration procedures – Preparation required for registration and creating a guest record 
  • Room and rate assignments and creating registration options 
  • Handling guest request – Circumstances and procedures when a  guest cannot be accommodated
  • “Walking a guest”
  • Lecture 
  • Class discussion 
  • Portfolio Piece
  • Create a registration document 
6 Front Office Accounting Methods 1 & 2
  • The fundamentals of Front Office Accounting 
  • Creating and maintaining a guest account 
  • Computer Applications – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of manual and computerized accounts 
  • The use of various methods of settlement 
  • Portfolio Piece
  • Creating a guest folio 
  • Lecture 
  • Class Discussion 
  • Video 
Guest Check out and Account Settlement
  • Describe the functions of checkout and settlement 
  • Discuss and demonstrate departure procedures 
  • Discuss and describe check out options 
  • Discuss front office responsibilities for guest checking out with an account balance 
  • Role play 
  • Lecture 
  • Portfolio Piece
  • Quiz game
Housekeeping Equipment and Cleaning chemicals
  • Describe the selection and use of different types 
  • Identify , describe and demonstrate the use of different types of equipment used
  • Identify and describe different types of chemicals
  • Demonstrate the use of different types of chemicals
  • Describe the selection and use of different types of cleaning chemicals with regards to Front Office equipment.
  • Lecture,
  • Guided Class discussions
  • Identification parade
  • Case study 
  • Portfo
Housekeeping Services as an Integrated Component of the rooms division 
  • Describe what is opening of the house and the importance of front office reports to this function 
  • Describe daily, periodic and spring cleaning
  • Identify the procedures for cleaning rooms and public areas
  • Describe and Demonstrate Turn down service and bed making procedure 
  • Lecture
  • Video 
  • Research
  • Class discussions
  • Portfolio Piece 
  • Virtual Practicums
  • Introduction of Final Exam Practical exercise (checklist grading)
Cleaning Procedures   / Wall and Floor Coverings
  • describe the various categories of wall and floor coverage
  • discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of wall and floor coverings
  • describe the care and maintenance of the various categories of wall and floor coverings
  • Lecture, 
  • class discussions
  • SOP
The Linen Room  / The Laundry
  • describe the layout, function and the location of the linen room
  • identify types of linen, use and care
  • describe the linen cycle (Linen exchange, inventory control, taking linen out of circulation)
  • Describe the benefits and disadvantages of using On-site vs. Commercial laundry facilities.
  • describe the process of laundering
  • demonstrate the removal of a variety of stain
  • describe the process of handling guest laundry
  • describe the dry cleaning process
  • Lecture, 
  • class discussions
  • Virtual Tour 
  • Group work 
Room Maintenance Procedures
  • describe and list the methods of cleaning the various items in the room and public areas  (Baths/showers, washbasin, toilet/urinals, windows and mirrors,  refrigerators/water fountains, walls, partitions and furniture)
  • describe and demonstrate how to change a light bulb
  • describe and demonstrate how to unblock sinks, washbasins and toilets
  • describe and demonstrate the use of electricity breakers
  • describe the advantages of implementing cost effective environmental practices.
  • Lecture, 
  • class discussions
  • Guest Speaker – breakers
Communication Methods
  • describe and list inter-departmental and external communication devices
  • describe and demonstrate how to handle guest complaints
  • Describe and demonstrate professional guest relations
  • Portfolio submission 
  • Lecture 
  • Guided class discussion
  • Case studies 

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Hotel & Accommodation Operations (I)
Next Session: June 10, 2024
Class Structure: Face-to-Face & Online| Day: Tuesday and Thursday| Time:5pm-8pm| Date: 10h June,2024 -2nd August,2024|

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