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Student Response To Instructor (SRTI) Survey

The Quality department at the Tobago and Hospitality and Tourism Institute value your honest feedback, therefore we are seeking your opinion via this Student Response to Instructors (SRTI) survey for this semester to get feedback from our students on their instructors for each course to better facilitate our students to the best of our ability. The link to access the survey is located in your google classroom portal for each course you are doing.

This survey will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to finish. It would be of great help to our instructors and you, our students, if you give us your honest feedback to the best of your ability so we can better facilitate you and future students.

The information collected from this survey will be collected and analysed for future reference to give our instructors a greater insight of what our students need and are looking for from our instructors.

The survey will be closed off by 16th December. Please take some time to complete this survey. Your responses will be greatly appreciated. The winner/winners of this promotion will be announced through a live draw on the 27th January 2023. Thank you in advance.

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