Blog / Interview with THTI Student Rajiv Seuchan on Internship Experience At Sandals Barbados

Interview with THTI Student Rajiv Seuchan on Internship Experience At Sandals Barbados

Why did you choose Sandals Barbados for your internship? 

Rajiv Seuchan – Ever since I started my degree in Hospitality Management at The Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI), my dream was always to be trained at a well established hotel in the Caribbean. As such, my research showed that Sandals, being a 5 star hotel, would be my best choice.

What inspired you to choose the path that led to your Internship?

Rajiv Seuchan – To be quite honest, I have always felt a passion for meeting people and participating in different cultures which can also become my full time job. Therefore, I did my Associates Degree in Hospitality Management at THTI which allowed me to apply for my Internship program at Sandals, Barbados.

What do you hope to gain from this internship experience?

Rajiv Seuchan – With a solid background and training given to me by THTI by means of a well compacted course outline in the theoretical aspect of hotel management, this internship program set out by Sandals will definitely give me the practical experience in Hotel Management which would be a great benefit to my working life.

What specific skills or traits did you learn at THTI that you brought to this internship?

Rajiv Seuchan – THTI has developed a syllabus, which in my opinion is second to none. Although THTI is supposed to teach the theoretical aspect of hotel management, they went into in depth practical experience which would give me an advantage in completing this Internship Program, for example:

  • Front Desk Operations
  • Bar Operations
  • Housekeeping Skills
  • Events Management, etc.

Can you discuss any notable mentors or role models who have influenced you at THTI?

Rajiv Seuchan – This Question is a very difficult one to answer, since 100% of my lecturers have mentored me into becoming the person I am today and had a great impact on my studies and school life are, Ms. Dianne James-Browne, Mr. Keron Best, Mr. Raakesh Madoo, Ms.Vernella Jack-Joseph, Ms. Nisha Faizool- Hosein, Mr. Michael Wallace, Ms. Nadia Lewis , Ms. Jenelle Moore, Mr. Nkocy Fletcher, Ms. Crystal Celestine-Nedd, Ms Marcia Jones, Ms. Jecolia McIntosh, Ms. Crystal Alleyne Baynes, Ms. Earlyn Craig, Ms. Trudy Reid and finally, Ms. Hazelann Roberts.

Can you provide an overview of your internship journey so far?

Rajiv Seuchan – Thus Far, my internship journey has been nothing but knowledgeable and fun. For instance, I have been working in the Front Office for the past Month and currently starting Housekeeping after which, I would go into the Restaurants, Bars, Sales and Human Resources departments to complete my Internship. At the same time exploring the Beautiful Island of Barbados.

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