News / Empowering Learning for the Future: THTI Receives Sponsored TV Media Screen from Digicel Business

Empowering Learning for the Future: THTI Receives Sponsored TV Media Screen from Digicel Business

From Left to Right: Digicel Business Sales Manager, Ms. Georgina Peterkin, THTI Marketing Officer, Ms. Keisha George, THTI CEO, Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Digicel Head of Sales and Operations in Tobago, Ms. Roweena Crooks.

In a hand-over ceremony on Wednesday 14th June, 2023 at the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) campus, Digicel’s Head of Sales and Operations in Tobago, Ms. Roweena Crooks, accompanied by Digicel Business Sales Manager Ms. Georgina Peterkin presented THTI with a cutting-edge 50-inch Samsung digital screen and stand. The Digicel representatives met with THTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Stephen Sheppard and Marketing Officer, Ms. Keisha George to present the sponsored screen which will assist in much-needed expansion of digital learning and marketing capabilities of the institute. 

This momentous occasion not only exemplifies Digicel’s commitment to educational advancement but also showcases THTI’s dedication to equipping students with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. In a resounding affirmation of technology’s significance in the classroom, Dr. Sheppard emphasised its pivotal role as the hospitality and tourism industry continues to rapidly embrace digital advancements in all areas, including robotics to perform functions to meet the needs of guests.

“It is important that our students are very computer literate and to do that we need to have the learning, technology and the actual applications that they will use in various aspects of the industry,” Dr. Sheppard stated. “When they graduate and they leave here they can immediately be productive in whichever environment they are going into because they have used the actual software and the actual technology as part of their academic undertaking.”

Dr. Sheppard underscored the value of partnerships between technology companies, such as Digicel, and educational institutions like THTI in enabling students to become well-versed in the tools they will encounter in their future careers in a tech-driven world.

“We really wish to thank Digicel for working with us”, said Dr. Sheppard. “Digicel was a major sponsor of the 2023 THTI Taste of Tobago Golf Classic and now they have donated this television to us to help with our marketing reach.”

First place winners of the 2023 Taste of Tobago Golf Tournament – Sponsored by Digicel Business TT

The representatives from Digicel echoed Dr. Sheppard’s sentiments. “Digicel is passionate about education, so tools like the digital screen will be valuable in an education forum to be able to educate and push and to be able to pull students to the institution,” said Ms. Roweena Crooks. “I think it’s good to have caravans and go to different schools so that they are aware of THTI.” 

“It is important to show that Digicel does more than phones; we provide a wide range of technology and services.” 

Digicel Business Sales Manager, Ms. Georgina Peterkin

The synergy between Digicel and THTI highlights a shared vision of nurturing talent and bridging the gap between academia and industry. Dr. Sheppard expressed the institute’s desire to deepen and widen the relationship, “We really value Digicel as a partner, so thanks again Digicel.”

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