News / Certification of Trainers for the Tobago Industry Customer Service Programme

Certification of Trainers for the Tobago Industry Customer Service Programme

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) in collaboration with the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) certified twenty-three professionals and educators as Workshop Leaders for the Tobago Industry Customer Service Training programme at a virtual graduation ceremony held on February 22nd, 2022.

Recognizing the need for improving the level of customer service in Tobago, this 3-year initiative in partnership between TTAL and international award-winning customer service industry leader Uplifting Service, has seen the implementation of a ground-breaking initiative that will serve as a platform for developing a culture of customer service excellence in Tobago at every touch point.

“Today is very significant day in the transformation of how we deliver service to our guests, to our clients and our patrons, I can already anticipate the narrative”, said Mr. Lewis, CEO of the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd. He also lauded the certification of the Workshop Leaders as “a new day for tourism”.

The Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute, working closely with the Uplifting Service’s international team, immersed the Workshop Leaders in an intensive six-week training programme to achieve the certification. These trainers now play a vital role in helping businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals in Tobago to connect service excellence concepts to the execution of their daily duties. This in turn will increase the service value for all external customers and internal partners of destination Tobago.

“I have said before that when we start treating each other well, when the quality of our service becomes our competitive edge, when we have developed fantastic service on an Uplifting Service foundation, but with a T&T style dressing, flavor and culture, we will stand out and be counted”, said Dr. Stephen Sheppard, CEO of the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute. “This investment in money, time and effort that is being made right now is an investment in the island’s learning and growth and in turn will lead to improved business operations resulting in higher quality and service to customers which will then result in much improved financial performance”.

Dr. Sheppard also extended his appreciation to the Assistant Secretary of Tourism, Culture Antiquities and Transportation, Assemblyman Megan Morrison for participating in the award ceremony, and for standing solidly behind the project that will improve the stature of Tobago in the international tourism and hospitality sectors.

In her feature address, Assemblyman Morrison emphasized that certification must have a corresponding attitude that is beneficial to the customer, and must make a meaningful contribution to the island’s priority tourism sector. “We in this sector, don’t do favours, we provide a service upon which the sector depends on,” said Assemblyman Morrison. “The type of service that we provide can seriously impact the outcomes of our efforts in the tourism sector.”

Spearheaded by the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd, the Tobago Industry Customer Service Training programme will see training rolled out by THTI over the next 3 years – beginning in March 2022 – and will encompass supporting initiatives to enable successful service culture change, including public awareness campaigns, service measures and metrics, and service recognition/rewards.

To request training, interested individuals or organizations in Tobago please email THTI at or call (868) 313-0456.



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