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Unlock Your Future: Access Internships Worldwide

Rebecca Sammy pursued Culinary Arts at THTI and completed her internship in France, she is collecting a certificate of completion from Ms. Valerie Lecamus, CEO of  Access Internships Worldwide (AIW)

Are you eager to broaden your horizons, gain invaluable experience, and unlock doors to exciting career opportunities? Access Internships Worldwide is a viable gateway to a world of possibilities.

In today’s competitive job market, hands-on experience is more than just a bonus—it’s often a requirement. Employers seek candidates who not only possess academic credentials but also practical skills and a global perspective. That’s where internships come in. They offer a unique chance to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings, explore career paths, and build a professional network.

AIW’s international internship programmes provide culinary/pastry and hospitality students with the opportunity to gain real work experience in renowned kitchens and properties, expand their professional skills, and explore a new country and culture.

Students can apply for internship programmes in the south of France, the French Alps, Spain, Italy, Mauritius, and Japan, and receive offers of internship placements related to their area of study. 

Countless interns have credited their experiences with Access Internships Worldwide for propelling their careers forward. Many have secured full-time positions with their host companies or used their internship experiences to stand out in job interviews.

So why wait to unlock your future? Seize the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in one of our associate degree programmes as a final year student right here at THTI, expand your professional network, and explore the world of possibilities by visiting the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute’s website to learn more!

Ready to embark on your journey? Visit their website to learn more and start your application today.

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