News / Strengthening Tobago’s Sustainable Agriculture: A Partnership with Goldsborough Farmers Association

Strengthening Tobago’s Sustainable Agriculture: A Partnership with Goldsborough Farmers Association

Acting CEO of Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI), Mr. Kirton Sorias and Deputy Chairman of the THTI board Mr. Lovelace with representatives from the Goldsborough Farmers Association

In a significant step towards bolstering Tobago’s sustainable agriculture industry, the acting CEO of Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI), Mr. Kirton Sorias, along with Deputy Chairman Mr. Lovelace, recently met with representatives from the Goldsborough Farmers Association. Our aim is to explore potential partnership targeted towards supporting local produce and fostering the island’s agricultural sustainability.

The meeting between THTI leadership and the Goldsborough Farmers Association underscores a shared commitment to promote Tobagonian agriculture within the hospitality and tourism sectors. Recognizing the importance of sourcing locally grown produce, both parties discussed strategies to strengthen ties between farmers and hospitality establishments, ensuring a steady supply of fresh, high-quality ingredients for restaurants, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses.

Mr. Sorias emphasized the significance of such partnerships in not only enhancing the culinary experiences offered to visitors but also in driving economic growth within the local community. By sourcing ingredients locally, THTI aims to reduce its carbon footprint, support small-scale farmers, and showcase the rich diversity of Tobago’s agricultural bounty.

During the meeting, representatives from the Goldsborough Farmers Association shared insights into their farming practices, highlighting their commitment to sustainable agriculture methods. Discussions centered on opportunities for collaboration, including training programs, agricultural tours, and joint marketing initiatives to raise awareness of locally sourced products.

Mr. Lovelace expressed optimism about the potential benefits of the partnership, emphasizing the importance of creating synergies between the hospitality and agriculture sectors to ensure mutual success. By fostering closer ties between farmers and tourism stakeholders, both parties can work towards a shared goal of promoting Tobago’s unique culinary heritage while preserving its natural resources.

As Tobago continues to position itself as a premier tourist destination, initiatives like the partnership between THTI and the Goldsborough Farmers Association serve as a testament to the island’s commitment to sustainability and community development. By harnessing the rich agricultural potential of the island and supporting local farmers, Tobago aims to create a more resilient and inclusive tourism industry that benefits both visitors and residents alike.

In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, THTI and the Goldsborough Farmers Association are paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for Tobago’s hospitality and agriculture sectors. Together, they are sowing the seeds for a thriving and resilient economy rooted in local pride and environmental stewardship.

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