Blog / Chef Sonia Phillip & Student Discuss The International Chocolate Day Event at Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI)

Chef Sonia Phillip & Student Discuss The International Chocolate Day Event at Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI)

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Chef Sonia Phillip
Coco for us is something sweet. It can be used because of the complex flavor profile. The initiative here is in celebration of International Chocolate Day. The theme is a sweet secret of chocolate. So we’ve brought together some chocolate practitioners to speak to the students. Food and nutrition students across the secondary schools in Tobago, as well as the food and nutrition teachers to highlight the importance of our local product, the value of janitorial, cocoa, which is the premium cocoa in the world.

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Chef Sonia Phillip
It’s used all over the world, and it is grown right here in Trinidad and Tobago. And just to educate the students a bit on the uses of of cocoa, the uses of chocolate, including some very nontraditional uses. So across the day today, we are going to actually be having some sampling. We’re going to be having some demos. And we also have items for sale baked by the students of THG.

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Janelle Campbell – Student
So I was sitting during the presentation thinking about an idea like the Chocolate ice cream, but it’s trinbago cocoa like. I was thinking about making chocolate fudge if hold our chemistry going to formulate if the fudge can be too hot, it pushes me chewy only chocolate as me. You know, I want to try new things out. That’s an area I really enjoy.

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Chef Sonia Phillip
We actually have fully subscribed, I think with the exception of maybe one school, every single school that we invited has come and sent a contingent of at least ten students.

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Janelle Campbell – Student
Coming from Tobago. I didn’t know much about Chocolate weekend, but I just know that you just have chocolate time. It’s a great time to talk. It’s interesting, you know, one which has so much background to it and that’s we were like we had one of the best chocolates in Trinidad Tobago. So coming here to learn that everything was on point, getting to somebody chocolate. So I wish I could, I got cohorts of CO who also worked here. The experience has really.

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Chef Sonia Phillip
Looked forward to us actually having something for World Tourism Day. And of course our semester has begun so our international cuisine class is going to be having a series of six events. So stay tuned for that. We will be advertising across Trinidad and Tobago and it’s always a wonderful experience.

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