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Tobago Industry Customer Service Training (TICST)

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Featured Courses:

The Art of Laminated Pastry

Improve  your baking skills and learn how to work with different types of Pastries, Pies and Croissants. Gain understanding of the ingredients, techniques and methods used to achieve perfect results.

A Complete Guide to Payroll

Build your accounting skills in computing payroll and N.I.S payments  accurately.  Expand the range of functions and services offered within your business or organization. Become proficient at online processing payroll for multiple employees.

Bartending & Mixology

Increase  your skills  as a mixologist.  Learn the key principles for operating efficiently as a bartender within the hospitality industry. Acquire a solid foundation in bartending and mixology to become more marketable or  build  a profitable business venture. Please Note: This course will have both theoretical and practical components with the theoretical sessions being completed online.

Develop your skills or try out an area of interest before you decide to enroll in a degree programme.

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