Add your touch of creativity to the THTI Brand! We’re giving you the opportunity to WIN TTD$5,000 with this Logo Design Contest.

Our Brand Story

Entry Submission

Design Brief

The Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) invites all designers and other creative talents to design a new organization logo that conveys the Institute’s wider vision of lifelong learning and higher-education experiences including entrepreneurial growth, culinary arts, food and beverage innovation, creating a sustainable environment, hospitality, tourism and wellness. 

The winning logo will be used as the official logo of the Institute and be included in all branding and promotional activities.

Submissions should:

  • Reflect the heritage and diversity of Tobago’s people, places and culture.
  • Promote the values and ethos of the institution.
  • Align with THTI’s strategic mission and vision.
  • Be the original and unpublished work of the designer.

The Logo must be able to co-exist with our Taste of Tobago brand:

Contest Rules & Guidelines


1. Official Language of Contest: English

2. Participation is free. 

3. Participation is open to residents and nationals who reside in Trinidad and Tobago only.

4. Open to all ages, however, parental consent is required for all participants under the age of 18.

5. There is no limit to the number of entries you wish to submit.

6. A completed Registration Form should be provided with each entry.

7. The Designer must be able to give a brief summary of their design concept and its representation (max 200 words).

8. Logo Design should be submitted in the combination of the following formats inclusive of editable files:

  • Drawing in any medium (Jpeg or photo to be submitted) 
  • Scalable vector format (EPS or SVG), retaining transparency and with all text as outlines and jpeg file.
  • A .png and .jpeg file.
  • Composite pdf and jpeg.

10. Each individual design and related elements should be submitted in high resolution.

11. Logo design should also include the following:

  • The Institute’s Acronym THTI
  • Est. 1997
  • Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute

12. Logo designs can be created as a combination of the following:

  1. Letterform/ Monogram Logo and Letter mark e.g.: HP (Hewlett Packard)
  2. Emblem and word form e.g.: National Flour Mills
  3. Mascot e.g. usually seen in sports logos. These designs are animated and cartoonish, e.g.: Pringles
  4. Abstract Mark/ Brand mark/ Iconic Logo/ Logomark/ Pictorial mark, e.g.: Apple
  5. Combination Word Mark/Symbol, e.g.: Metaverse 

12. The logo should be designed using the Institute’s current primary and any of the secondary colour scheme to continue brand consistency with other assets.

13. All entries submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the designer and should be clearly labeled with the designer’s name and title of work.

14. Shortlisted entrants will be invited to virtually present their logo design to the evaluation committee.

15. The winning designer should be willing to work with the Institute if the design selected requires additional changes or tweaks to suit the institute’s needs before prize is awarded.

16. The winner must be willing to collaborate in public with THTI in the promotion of the design and other related activities.

17. All entries will be published online on any one or all of our digital media platforms.

18. The winning entry becomes the exclusive property of the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) and can be used for any THTI activities in any medium, by the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute. 

19. The Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute retains the right to modify the winning submission.



Designs will be judged on the following criteria:


To Solve


Customer Focus

How will your design appeal to our established and future target customers?



Is it relevant to Tobago and its Tourism, Culinary Arts and Hospitality sectors.


Originality and Creativity

Is this design unique?



Does the logo create a lasting impression? Does the logo reproduce well in print, electronic digital print media and merchandise?



Is the design clear? Are the typography distinct and easy to understand?



Does the logo design have a long shelf life?


Overall Design

Meets the strategic  needs and requirements of THTI





  • The evaluation team will consist of THTI staff and industry professionals
  • THTI’s social media and THTI community will be invited to vote on their choice.
  • The winning entry will be chosen based on a combination of social media votes and scores by the evaluation team. 
  • Final decision will be made by the evaluation team.


  • One overall winner will be selected. 
  • The designer of the winning entry (complete design) will receive a prize of Five Thousand dollars (TT$5,000).
  • If the winning entry is a drawing or photo, or requires additional modification, the winner will receive a prize of Twenty-five hundred (TT $ 2,500) in order to compensate for the creation of a usable logo.

Media Release

Read the Media Release here.


Entries should be submitted to no later than the 25th May, 2022 midday Atlantic Standard Time.

Contact us:

Submit Entries to:

Phone: (868) 303- 5153

Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute

Blenheim, Mt. St. George, Tobago

Rep. Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies